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Long Life Chemistry

Lithium ion technology is the dominant chemistry in the high-performance rechargeable battery market for several obvious reasons. First, Li-ion chemistry delivers far greater energy density than other rechargeable solution, a benefit that translates into batteries that deliver more power with less weight and a smaller footprint. Second, Li-ion chemistry allows batteries to operate at significantly higher voltages than alternative technologies. Third, Li-ion cells have significantly higher charge retention than alternative chemistries and do not suffer from the memory effect, which can both minimize the management and lengthen the lifespan of lithium ion batteries. More specific characteristics about the characteristics of Li-ion are as follows:

Quallion’s Lithium Ion battery technology delivers all the benefits of traditional Li-ion chemistries with unique enhancements customized for the medical, military and aerospace industries.  Drawing on over thirty years of experience in the Japanese rechargeable battery market, Quallion’s engineers have developed a robust chemistry capable of delivering extended performance and long life under the most extreme conditions.  In addition to eliminating Self Discharge and Calendar Fade, Quallion’s cells are designed for up to 25 years of Cycle Life under varied conditions.

This technology is ideally suited for long life applications such as 20 year medical implants, 15-20 year LEO missions, deep discharge GEO missions and high fidelity military applications.

  Wide Operating Temperature capability  
  Quallion is in development of wide operating lithium-ion chemistry capable of -40˚ to 71˚C discharge operation and charging at temperature less than 0˚C. Typical lithium-ion cells are limited in to -20˚C to 50˚C discharge and 0˚C to 40˚C charge capability. Quallion is seeking to expand this operational temperature range for insertion into applications that have limited thermal controls.