Product & Battery Design
Product design and development begins with understanding the ultimate use model for the final product. The first step in this process is collecting as much information as possible about the critical performance requirements, including electrical characteristics, use models, special environmental conditions, volume and weight constraints, expected production run rates, and production ramping.  To facilitate this analysis, Quallion has created a detailed Marketing Specification that will allow us to carefully analyze the potential trade-offs inherent to any new cell or battery design.

Quallion has extensive experience in developing custom cells and batteries using either primary or rechargeable chemistries for the medical, military, aerospace and vehicle markets.  The design process is carefully engineered to meet the customer’s performance targets by managing expectations from the initial design concept through product obsolescence and next generation builds. 

The following five phase approach is utilized to design, prototype, and qualify new cell and battery types.

  5 Phase Process:  
P1 Concept Phase
P2 Design and Development Phase
P3 Validation and Verification Phase
P4 Production Transition Phase
P5 Continuous Manufacturing Phase

State-of-the-Art FEA tools are used to evaluate potential design parameters based on the critical performance requirements.  Rapid prototyping of elemental design components and final battery configurations are then tested to the specified tolerances, both electrical and environmental, to validate preliminary designs before proceeding to the validation and verification phase.  A rigorous process validation and product qualification procedure ensures final deliverables and future builds will continue to conform to specification requirements.  Finally, a continuous manufacturing plan that includes extensive testing and evaluation of retained samples of all lot builds allows for continued product performance monitoring and improvement when appropriate.


Battery design begins with the selection of a chemistry or cell.

FEA is used to validate critical design parameters.

Engineering models are built for preliminary design validation.

Designs are converted into final product.



Quallion’s product design discriminators:

Custom and standard cell and pack designs for medical, military, aerospace and vehicle applications
Rapid prototyping
Fluid transition from concept to design to prototyping to qualification and production.
Fully documented process and design validations
FEA validated with empirical test units
Complete process validation and production electrical and environmental qualification to medical, military and aerospace specification standards
Comprehensive in-house machine shop for tooling and prototyping (e.g., milling, CNC, grinders, presses, drills, etc.)
Cell and battery packs are designed and manufactured to the following standards: ISO 9001:2000, AS9100C, and ISO 13485:2003