Custom Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer

Quallion Battery Technology

  Quallion integrates a number of technologies into its batteries, whether integrated single cell designs or multi-module packs.  In developing a new pack design, considerations are made for the cell chemistry type, thermal management, “Smart” electronics for battery management and control, electrical use models and unique environmental conditions.  
  Pack designs incorporate either Quallion or commercial grade cells depending upon customer requirements.  Design, qualification and fabrication of each pack design is conducted in-house.   
  Cell and Module Designs  
  Every pack design begins with a careful understanding of the cell configuration being incorporated into the battery pack.  The cell and module constructs are designed to meet the unique environmental requirements of the application into which the battery will be incorporated.   
  Thermal Management  
  Quallion incorporates a number of unique technologies to address thermal runaway concerns associated impact, crush, and overcharge events.  Specialized packaging techniques combined with SaFE-LYTE ™ technology enable Quallion’s batteries to pass even the severest test environments.  Active cooling designs also allow for long term operation of the battery pack with nominal maintenance.  
  Battery Electronics  
  Quallion’s electronics package controls all critical battery functions including over discharge and overcharge protection, fuel gauge, cycle count, low and high temperature operation, charge and discharge rate control, short circuit protection, cell balancing and cell diagnostics.   
  Quallion key battery metrics include:  
Custom and standard pack designs for medical, military, aerospace and vehicle applications
Primary and rechargeable batteries
High and low current
Matrix™ enabled designs
SaFE-LYTE ™ available for ultra-safe operation of Li ion battery packs
Fully integrated electronics
Active air or liquid cooling