Other Capabilities

Thanks to an unmatched expertise in lithium ion chemistry, Quallion has built an intellectual portfolio of patented technologies that give our batteries—and thus our customers—a competitive advantage. These enabling enhancements give our Li-ion batteries unrivaled safety and performance.

Quallion’s patented Zero-Volt™ technology allows long storage periods in a deep discharged state with no permanent capacity loss due to low voltage. The ability to discharge a battery to zero volts offers a number of important advantages in many medical, space, and military applications. Most importantly, it means that batteries can be stored for long periods of time without maintenance. In addition, the charge can be completely removed when connecting batteries to volatile systems or implanting cells inside the human body. In all applications, batteries are guaranteed to function at peak capacity levels, even after long storage periods without any maintenance. This benefit is particularly valuable in some military and satellite applications, where even infrequent maintenance is not possible in some situations, and obviously offers advantages over conventional Li-ion batteries that cannot survive a deep discharge.
With our proprietary SaFE-LYTE™ technology, Quallion has successfully found a way to enhance battery safety without any compromise in electrochemical performance. It is well known that lithium ion batteries are intrinsically less safe than other battery chemistries such as Ni-MH and lead acid, because Li-ion batteries contain a flammable non-aqueous electrolyte. For that reason, piercing and compression may cause a battery to ignite and catch fire. In recent years, hundreds of catastrophic cell phone battery failures have occurred. Concerns about this problem—and calls for innovative solutions—have grown as the energy densities and cell capacities in these batteries have increased. Quallion’s SaFE-LYTE™ technology integrates into the battery a liquid halogen compound that is flame-retardant and immiscible in the electrolyte. This solution significantly lowers the risk of combustion, and allows Quallion to produce batteries that are far safer than conventional Li-ion options.