Matrix Battery Manufacturer

MATRIX™ Battery (MBD)

Quallion’s proprietary MATRIX™ technology holds great promise for manufacturers seeking to reduce reliability issues and long-term costs. This highly scaleable system simultaneously links mass numbers of small cells in parallel and series, an approach that eliminates the need for control electronics without any compromises in reliability and redundancy. In fact, our MATRIX™ configuration can maintain current control even if “bad cells” are in the battery, a condition that would cause significant problems in most conventional batteries.

In contrast to the traditional approach of developing and qualifying highly specialized batteries each time an existing product is redesigned or new product is developed, this low-cost modular system allows prequalified cells to be repackaged to suit new specifications without substantial time, cost, or headache. The potential for saving time and money in the development of military applications is particularly dramatic. Our MATRIX™ technology allows tremendous flexibility in packaging, so applications that require specialized types of battery can still leverage and reconfigure cells for multiple platforms. This would allow the same cells being to be used in a soldier’s pack or a jet fighter. The cost savings of this approach are dramatic.

The MATRIX™ approach offers other performance benefits, too. Since small cells dissipate heat faster than larger cells, Quallion’s MATRIX™ Battery reduces temperature-related safety risks.  Even costly retesting for international transport can be eliminated by this approach, since new batteries can be assembled from fully tested and approved modules.