75Ah Satellite Cell and 15Ah Satellite Cell Manufacturer


In the fourth quarter of 2006, Quallion was awarded a Title III program from the U.S. government to domestically produce the cathode and anode materials used in large satellite cells. In addition, Title III mandates that Quallion set up a large cell manufacturing line with the capability to produce 3,600 of its 75Ah cells per year. This line will be capable of manufacturing both 15Ah and 75Ah cells and give Quallion the flexibility to toggle production as the market demands.

Within a few years, Quallion will become the first space satellite battery manufacturer able to offer its customers a cradle-to-grave battery solution, one in which material, cell, and battery production will be controlled by one company at one facility.

Over the coming years, Quallion anticipates it can significantly reduce the cost of the production of a single 15Ah or 75Ah cell. This will be accomplished by reducing the hand-labor involved by 80 percent. Since future large cells produced on the more automated line will have the same form, fit, function, and materials as the large cells today, Quallion can ensure battery designs made with today’s cells will be applicable and locked for the future. In fact, Quallion will be able to ensure its space customers a fully qualified product for the next 20-30 years.