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Marine Batteries

The marine environment can be harsh and demanding on electrical equipment. Battery-powered systems used at sea must deliver reliable performance in mission-critical situations despite potentially wide temperature swings and long periods without use.

Lithium batteries are used in many critical systems in the marine environment. With unrivaled self-discharge and long life, lithium chemistry is particularly well suited for emergency and security applications—including distress beacons that alert search-and-rescue authorities of an emergency in progress, life jackets and rafts that contain integrated (and potentially lifesaving) lighting systems, and wireless alarms that help protect ships from intrusion and theft. Lithium batteries are also well suited for use in buoys responsible for environmental monitoring, marine and meteorological forecasting, and communications amid unforgiving maritime conditions.

Quallion’s lithium technology is ideally suited for advanced marine applications. Quallion has industry-leading experience and history of innovation with lithium battery chemistry. This depth of expertise is critical if you’re developing marine products that will require strict materials control, high voltage, and the capability to function optimally in harsh weather and temperature conditions, and maximum reliability. Quallion offers a wide range of customer-focused battery solutions that deliver industry-leading quality, charge retention, and energy density.