Military Battery Manufacturer

Soldier Power

Out in the battlefield, today’s digital soldier cannot perform at the highest level without a powerful, durable power system. The typical soldier’s pack contains a heavy assortment of electronic systems; the list might include portable radio devices, night-vision goggles, network terminals, firing systems, and GPS equipment. In many cases, soldiers now carry roughly 20 pounds of batteries on a mission—a load that weighs more than his ammunition. Consequently, there’s great interest in developing and acquiring battery solutions that help lighten that load without performance compromises or added cost.

Quallion’s lithium ion batteries are ready to power the next generation of soldiers in the field. No other battery chemistry can match the energy density of our Li-ion technology, which translates into smaller, lighter, more powerful battery systems on a soldier’s back. And no other company can match Quallion’s experience and history of innovation with this technology. This depth of expertise is critical if a soldier’s mission-critical work demands batteries that can perform in extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions, charge rapidly, and offer an extended lifecycle. Thanks to our proprietary ZeroVolt, SaFE-LYTE™, and specialized Matrix™ packaging technologies, our batteries can withstand piercing and compression that might otherwise cause combustion in Li-ion cells.

Quallion’s proprietary Matrix™ system answers the military’s need for greater interoperability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. This highly scaleable system simultaneously links mass numbers of small cells in parallel and series, an approach that offers dramatic improvements in flexibility and cost management. In addition, Quallion can offer Zero Volt technology for these applications, which allows for no-maintenance storage spare batteries, safety in transportation and handling and avoidance of “bricking” the lithium-ion battery if parasitic loads drain a fully depleted battery.