APU/UPS and Lead Acid Drop-In Replacements

Today’s military has an increasing dependence on devices that can reliably provide power in critical times. While customers in all industries require such mission-critical devices, military users have far more rigorous needs in terms of performance, durability, and life cycle.

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) are used on military aircraft to start engines and to provide electricity, hydraulic pressure, and air conditioning while the aircraft is on the ground. Lithium batteries are relatively new to this application, but are drawing much interest for their comparatively low weight, volume, and maintenance requirements, as well as their high specific energy, long life-cycle, and ability to perform in rigorous conditions. As manufacturers continue to push for lighter, smaller, more reliable power solutions on aircraft, Li-ion APU systems will surely be used.

Li Ion Battery Drop-In Replacements for Lead Acid are made cost effective with Quallion’s proprietary Matrix™ system, an innovative, fully scaleable approach that simultaneously links commercial-grade cells in parallel and series. This innovation greatly reduces cost, increases flexibility, and improves reliability. Quallion’s APU Matrix™ pack design has imbedded protection circuit and FET switches which enable their use as drop-in replacements for Lead-Acid batteries, battery data export and visible LED signals for warning and state-of-charge indication.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems maintain a continuous supply of electric power at constant frequency to support critical equipment in the event of a power outage. Military applications must perform in adverse power environments, whether due to extreme low temperatures and high temperatures, rugged conditions inside a vehicle, etc. In addition, military customers often have great interest in reducing the volume and weight, and increasing the cycle life of UPS system. Quallion’s rechargeable battery  has the power to achieve such gains, thanks to li ion’s far superior energy density, discharge rate, cycle life, and maintenance requirements.

Quallion designed and qualified its lithium ion batteries to transform all of these applications. We have a far deeper understanding of lithium ion chemistry than any other U.S. battery company. Our scientists, engineers, and other specialists enable Quallion to deliver battery solutions with unmatched quality, consistency, and reliability. If needed, Quallion can create a battery with its own design and materials, creating a custom lithium ion battery solution to meet any specification and can take full advantage of our specialized materials control. This option also enables customers to leverage Quallion’s patented Zero-Volt™ technology, which allows long storage periods in a deep discharged state with no permanent capacity loss. As an alternate approach, customers can choose Quallion’s proprietary Matrix™ system, which simultaneously links commercial-grade cells in parallel and series. This innovative system is highly scaleable and reliable, and eliminates the need for control electronics, greatly lowering cost and complexity.