Research Facility (Chemistry and Analytical Laboratories)

Quallion’s state-of-the-art analytical laboratory includes the following equipment: 20KV high power X-ray defractometer, NMR, FT-IR, DSC and TGA equipment, a low energy and low vacuum scanning electron microscope, ICP equipment tuned for non-aqueous material, micro-calorimeter, a 1000-channel Arbin battery test machine (for less than 3Ah cells), 5000 production channels, 4 Solartron impedance spectrometers and manual coating machines.


Prototyping and Manufacturing Equipment (Plant)

Quallion has a comprehensive prototyping line with a systematic process for evolving R&D level chemistry research to production scale operations.  A robust design control process is used to evaluate potential new chemistries and battery designs. Final product end-uses, environmentals and volume targets are integrated into the preliminary review process to develop design qualities that emphasize reproducibility, reliability, and cost effectiveness.  The customer is integrated into the design review at all phases of a development effort  through PDRs, CDRs and final production release reviews.  Quallion has a complete documentation department that supports this effort.

Due to lithium reactivity with the atmosphere, much of the development, prototyping and production activity at Quallion is conducted in a dry clean-room environment. Construction of Quallion’s 2,400 sq. ft. dry/clean room was completed in 2001. The state-of-the-art facility is scaled for low to mid-volume production capabilities. Currently, the facility is operating at approximately 60%-70% capacity with production runs of up to 10,000 cells per month. In addition to the dry/clean room, Quallion’s production facility houses an electrolyte distillation laboratory, charge and discharge laboratories supported by over 5,000 channels for production formation, and glove-box lines for electrolyte-filling and laser-welding and includes the following equipment: laser ablation machine, electrolyte distillation and salt mixing equipment, planetary mixer with vacuum function, intermittent capable continuous coating machine, high temperature press capable press machine, slitting machine, automated stack winding machine specially designed for thin film lithium winding, production Argon-Helium dry boxes with filling and laser machines, a 12-channel 120A/55V Arbin battery tester for up to 120Ah batteries, temperature and humidity chamber (Temp: -73°C to +175°C. Humidity: 10% to 95% RH), a 10-channel Arbin battery tester for up to 75Ah cells, helium leak detection fixtures and equipment, GC-MS equipment for leak detection, a 2000 channel Maccor battery tester for prototypes up to 3Ah in capacity and 30 incubators for cell and battery thermal characterization and testing (-70C to 200C range capable).

Quallion also has a complete safety and qualification test laboratory that includes automated nail penetration and crush machine, hot box, overcharge and short circuit equipment for small and large cells.